Sunday, 26 January 2014

Week 3

I found Exercise 1 to be quite fitting in the organization of the course. Part A allowed me to review basic mathematical operations in Python, and Part B forced me to revisit the topic of Classes. This was necessary especially because many concepts needed to be refreshed after the long winter break.
This knowledge was required for stacks and queues.

I particularly enjoyed Part A of Exercise 1 because it gave me an understanding of how the sqrt() method can be made from scratch. I still have some confusion regarding Part B. How do you return /n so that it works just like printing \n?

Regarding Labs, it was a unique experience partnering up with a random stranger in order to complete a task. Stack's and Queue's run times made me second guess my code, since their run times were constant and linear, respectively. After realizing this, I pay closer attention to redundant code in order to reduce the run time.

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