Saturday, 1 February 2014

Week 4

The glittery snow descended gracefully down as I walked back home with confidence. As I sat in my chair, I prepared my fingers to mash combinations of keystrokes which would result in a satisfying grade. Exercise 2 was her name...

This was the most difficult assignment I have ever done in my entire career of studying. As simple as it was supposed to be, It turned out to be a daunting task. "But why Mike, this exercise was easy as hell!"
One reason: I didn't carefully read the instructions. Only after doing so, I was able to complete the exercise with ease. From now on, I will focus on understanding what exactly the question is asking before I attempt it.

This week was full of exciting material because I finally realized the use of MAT102. Induction is essentially recursion! Although it is still quite complicated, it does make logical sense. In order to overcome this, I will read the recommended readings, and possibly some online readings from the Python website.

The lab this week was fairly straight forward (probably because my partner is a coding god); however, the unit testing was a little confusing. I particularly enjoyed this lab since the topic was entertaining.

All in all, I will improve by using the recommended readings more often, and by reading instructions more carefully.

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