Sunday, 16 March 2014

Week 10

Assignment 1 was finally marked... about time!

I was pretty disappointed at my mark since I lost over 8% simply because I did not put type contracts in the doc-strings. A simple thing costed me a chunk of my mark. It's very unfortunate, but I will learn from my mistakes and always include complete doc-strings.

This weeks lab was quite a fascinating way of challenging the minds of computer science students. We were required to find the number of nodes in the tree that was less than a given number. The cool part about it was that we had to code this in multiple ways! 

Regarding Exercise 3, I managed to finish part A correctly, but part B was a different story.
My function instead returned the sum of the values of the path that had the largest sum. This is wrong because I didn't make my function return the sum of the values of the LONGEST path.

Nothing too special this week, but stay tuned for next weeks post, where I discuss Assignment 2 part 2!

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