Monday, 24 March 2014

Week 11

Assignment 2 is finally completed! In my opinion, the overall difficulty of Assignment 2 was easier than Assignment 1. I managed to write the type contracts without forgetting like last time :).

Labs on the other hand were very difficult and puzzling. I'd say this weeks lab, which combined LinkedLists and binary search tree, was the hardest lab of all of my computer science career. Most of my fellow class mates can agree with me on that one, since the TA had to step in and explain how to do it with full detail.

I'm a bit worried about test 2, since I'm not very comfortable with LinkedLists. I need to use my remaining time before the test to have a better understanding of this concept in order to do well. We'll see how it goes!


  1. You can easily get better at manipulating Linked Lists if you play around with the class file that Dan made and add functions to it or just find other ways of implementing already existing functions.

  2. Thanks for the input, I'll try that to prepare for the exam!