Sunday, 16 February 2014

Week 6

What's good Sloggers, you know who it is...
So here I am on a Sunday night, writing this slog... what a sight.
Reflecting on this weeks lectures, i'll say Trees are 2 e z.. yeah that's right.

Trees seem to be a relatively simple topic, but the definitions that tag along with it are going to take a little more time to memorize.

I really have nothing to say about Assignment 1 since I haven't started it yet, so expect next weeks SLOG to contain my opinion on it.

This weeks lab was something new! We were introduced to brand new concepts in the lab, but instead of applying it, we had to interpret code that used these concepts. Once we understood the code, we used our previous knowledge of coding to rewrite code in our own way. This is refreshing since it allows us to understand how new concepts work, instead of blindly memorizing how to use them. The lab was at a decent difficulty; however, my partner and I still had difficulties with Unit Testing. 

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